SERDP and ESTCP focus a substantial portion of the research program on improving installation infrastructure resilience. This focus should be no surprise. The DoD manages a global real-estate portfolio with a replacement value of almost $1.2 trillion. These installations secure military readiness by providing services and support to the force, its servicemembers, and their families.

To maintain an effective and efficient U.S. military, SERDP and ESTCP seek to provide science-based tools for current and future operations that address the impact of climate change, with a principal focus on assessment, sensitivity, and adaptive capacity. The programs aim to develop region-specific tools and models that better predict climate change impacts to the natural and built infrastructure of installations, ranges, and the surrounding communities.

In the future, research projects will continue to focus on the assessment of, and preparation for, climate-related impacts to infrastructure, the development of statistical and dynamic climate change prediction models, and the production of climate resiliency metrics.