DoD’s Installation Restoration Program has set goals to achieve Response Complete (RC) at 90 percent of sites at active installations and Formerly Used Defense Site properties by the end of FY 2018 and to achieve RC at 95 percent of these sites by the end of FY 2021. Despite substantial progress made in the past 20 years, significant challenges remain for remediation of chlorinated solvent-contaminated groundwater at some sites. Cleanup to unrestricted use is often desired, but technically difficult to achieve, and sustainable remediation has become an increasingly important goal. To address these challenges, SERDP and ESTCP hosted a workshop to review the current cleanup goals and management processes used by the different services, evaluate existing and potential future issues associated with site closure, and identify research and demonstration strategies that, if incorporated into cleanup strategies, could improve remediation approaches, reduce risk, and ultimately reduce the cost to complete. A review of the science, remediation technology, characterization and monitoring technology, and technology transfer needs identified is presented in the Workshop Summary Report.