SERDP, ESTCP, and the National Association of Ordnance Contractors (NAOC) hosted a workshop to promote transfer of emerging munitions response technologies to the user community. Nearly 140 technology developers, contractors, regulators, and government project managers attended this event, which showcased rapidly maturing munitions detection, classification, and characterization technologies. The workshop featured a series of platform presentations on next generation sensors, the future of munitions response technologies, and successful applications of maturing munitions detection and classification technologies. During an outdoor session at the Denver Federal Center, participants had the opportunity to tour 10 stations at which technology developers demonstrated a variety of cart-based and handheld platforms using electromagnetic induction (EMI) and magnetic sensors along with a filler identification system based on acoustic technology. Classroom tutorials were offered on four software products developed to facilitate munitions response projects. The workshop closed with a panel discussion on barriers to transitioning emerging technologies to the field, mature technologies ready for operational applications, potential cost savings of advanced munitions detection and classification technologies, and gaps in technology that still need to be addressed.