Sponsored by The Nature Conservancy and SERDP, this workshop sought to develop an ecosystem-services framework to enhance environmental management and conservation planning. Specific objectives of the workshop were to: (1) review what is currently being done and what approaches and tools are available; (2) produce a conceptual framework to help identify issues and information gaps; (3) identify priorities for research; (4) determine how ecosystem services can be applied in environmental management and conservation planning; and (5) consider how emerging markets for ecosystem services may affect our activities. The main outcome of the workshop was the identification of seven research priorities for using ecosystem services approaches to improve environmental management and conservation planning on military lands, including inventorying ecosystem services; incorporating ecosystem services into military decision-making processes; operationalizing environmental management; forecasting ecosystem services; the importance of an ecosystem service valuation process to military planning; an ecosystem services-based decision support system; and an accounting framework for ecosystem services. An overview of this workshop and its outcomes can be found in the Workshop Report.