The ESTCP Classification Pilot Program successfully demonstrated munitions response classification technologies at the Central Impact Area (CIA) of Camp Edwards on the Massachusetts Military Reservation (MMR) in Cape Cod, MA. The demonstration was conducted in conjunction with the National Guard Bureau’s Impact Area Groundwater Study Program (IAGWSP) with emphasis on removing potential groundwater contamination sources produced by munition constituents. The site had historically been used to test a range of munitions for nearly a century.

Both production contractor geophysicists and the developers of classification methods were able to successfully classify over 90% of the targets of interest (TOI) and up to 75% of the surrounding clutter. The ESTCP Office has released a Summary Report of results from this demonstration.

Based on the success of the demonstration, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), with concurrence from their regulators, has adopted the MetalMapper sensor for the remaining remediation work at the CIA, Camp Edwards. It is estimated that this will reduce remediation costs by 55%.