The latest demonstration in the ESTCP Classification Pilot Program is underway at the North Ramp Parking Area (NRP) of Andersen AFB, Guam. The NRP area is undergoing a munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) removal action in advance of military construction (MILCON) activities. Previous demonstrations have focused on munitions response as part of the Defense Environmental Restoration Program; this is the first demonstration in support of a MILCON project.

The Classification demonstration is being integrated with the digital geophysical mapping (DGM) phase of the removal action. As part of this demonstration, a portion of the NRP area was seeded and mapped using the TEMTADS 2x2 sensor in dynamic mode. Cued classification data were collected using the TEMTADS over both the anomalies identified in the dynamic survey and anomalies identified in the traditional EM61 DGM survey. Intrusive investigation of the detected anomalies is underway now.

Data collection was performed by Weston Solutions, Inc. as part of ESTCP project MR-201231. Both the dynamic and cued data will be processed by analysts from Weston and several other participants in the ESTCP demonstration program. Results of the data analysis for this demonstration are expected in late 2014.