Coastal Department of Defense (DoD) installations are facing changes in sea level and extreme water levels. In response, the DoD-led Coastal Assessment Regional Scenario Working Group developed the DoD Regional Sea Level Database (DRSL) to provide authoritative, scenario driven sea level change information relevant to each coastal installation. The DRSL is now publicly available so that contracted third parties, like engineering firms, can use the future sea level change information for coastal installation and facilities planning. This availability is critical since DoD installation master planning standards and civil engineering design standards now incorporate DRSL information into installation planning.

The DRSL database incorporates physical processes, local setting, and data availability to depict such scenarios, and then displays this information for three future timeframes significant to planning horizons: 2035, 2065 and 2100. Planners must define the planning horizon and regional scenario for the particular mission and tolerance for risk. They must also apply the vertical datum that is most appropriate for the location.

The Site Lookup function allows users to search sites directly, while the Map View provides a world map of all sites included on the database. Users can also navigate to the Services Dashboard, where the highest scenarios are displayed by military service. For instructions and a more in-depth explanation of all of the database features, there is a DRSL User Guide.