Early in 2021, SERDP and ESTCP hosted a webinar titled “ Improving Energy Efficiency through Advanced Building Controls.” During this webinar, Mr. Dave Vigliotta and Dr. Xiaohui “Joe” Zhou from Slipstream and Mr. Gwelen Paliaga from TRC discussed their ESTCP project to develop and deliver a comprehensive training and education package for disseminating knowledge of advanced controls and energy management strategies for improving building efficiency.

The ESTCP project lead by Slipstream is approaching completion, and the training resource on advanced building controls is publicly available. The video series was developed and delivered by expert faculty and courses are grouped by topic with a recommended learning flow starting with simple topics and advancing to more complicated ones. You can access the free on-demand library for the following: 17 short sessions for energy managers, 20 in-depth sessions for building operators and facility engineers, up to 18.5 hours of professional development hours (PDH).


Energy managers, engineers, and facility operators who are not familiar with building controls will learn about building HVAC systems, building control system components, network architecture, system design and field implementation, and the requirements to integrate with utility monitoring and control system (UMCS) front-end.

Advanced control strategies that are low or medium implementation cost with medium to high impact such as optimal scheduling, AHU supply air static pressure and temperature resets, air-side economizers, and demand-controlled ventilation will be discussed in detail. The courses will also discuss ASHRAE Guideline 36 high-performance seqeunces of operations for HVAC system and the preliminary results from a pilot project. Concepts of building energy modeling intelligent operations, re-tunning and continues commissioning will be introduced as well. Finally, several sessions will teach how to do cost-benefit analysis of advanced control projects and how to use building automation system trend log to monitor and analyze building operations. 

The goal of this training resource is to bridge the knowledge gap on buildign controls for DoD energy managers and facility operators, who can use the information to make better project decisions and improve daily operations to save energy use and cost. Sign up for free today to access these on-demand courses. 

As Dave Vigliotta and Joe Zhou wrap up their ESTCP project, Mr. Scott Schuetter is beginning another Slipstream lead project. The focus of Scott Schuetter’s FY21 new start project is on advanced Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting control strategies. Along with a collaborative group of controls experts, Schuetter will develop comprehensive training materials to transfer this knowledge to stakeholders across DoD.