The reason for Munitions Response work is to be confident that a site is safe.

Join us on May 19th for the first of two webinars that explain an essential new tool for implementing Advanced Geophysical Classification at DoD Munition Response Sites.

To assist with regulatory buy-in and help the confidence of all stakeholders concerning the use of Advanced Geophysical Classification the EPA, DoD and State regulatory representatives, acting through the  Intergovernmental Data Quality Task Force (IDQTF), have produced the Advanced Geophysical Classification Quality Assurance Project Plan (AGC-QAPP) template. The template documents the systematic planning process (SPP), provides examples, and defines minimum recommended requirements for implementation of Advanced Geophysical Classification.

Webinar presenters will be Jordan Adelson and William (Ed) Corl, who both served as members of the IDQTF Advanced Geophysical Classification Subgroup that developed the template.  The training will go through the template and discuss the type of information that needs to be discussed by the project team and recorded in the worksheets.