A joint ESTCP, USACE, US Forest Service, and Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment demonstration of classification applied to munitions response is underway at former Camp Hale, CO. This demonstration, part of the ESTCP Classification Pilot Program, is being conducted at the East Fork Valley (EFV) Range Complex located within the former Camp Hale on 382 acres in the White River National Forest. The Forest Service has begun planning for restoration of the Eagle River within the EFV to restore original meanders and a munitions response effort is required prior to start of restoration work.

The demonstration will be carried out on up to 25 acres in the EFV Range Complex. QC seeds were emplaced and the area will be mapped using the TEMTADS 2×2 sensor in dynamic mode. Cued classification data will be collected using the TEMTADS over 1000 anomalies identified in the dynamic survey.  All items classified as targets-of-interest (TOI) (UXO, inert munitions, and QC seeds) will be excavated. In addition, a subset of items classified as non-munitions will be excavated to verify performance. The remaining items classified as not TOI will be left in the ground.

Data collection is being performed by URS Group, Inc. Both the dynamic and cued data will be processed by analysts from URS, Black Tusk Geophysics, and Acorn SI. Results of the data analysis for this demonstration are expected in early 2015.