Additive manufacturing processes are being investigated not only as a means of improving warfighter readiness, but also to reduce massive logistics tails as well as improve the environmental footprint for repair and replacement of essential parts and components. This technical session covered several aspects of additive manufacturing to include both polymeric, metallic, and even hybrid approaches.

Session Chair: Mr. Marc Pepi, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Introduction by Session Chair

Mr. Marc Pepi, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Keynote Address: Army Additive Manufacturing

Mr. Jim Zunino, U.S. Army CCDC Armaments Center (CCDC-AC)

Energetic Materials Additive Manufacturing, A Novel Trade Space

Dr. Andrew Ihnen, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division

Glass-reinforced, Recycled PET as Additive Manufacturing Feedstock

Dr. Chris Williams, Virginia Tech

NAVSEA Additive Manufacturing Program Overview

Mr. Justin Rettaliata, NAVSEA

Additively Manufactured (AM) Electronics from a Survivability Perspective

Ms. Amanda Schrand, Eglin Air Force Base

Joint Forces - 3D Printed Concrete

Ms. Megan Kreiger, U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (ERDC-CERL)