The slides for each presentation at the PFAS-Free AFFF Project Meeting are available below. 

SERDP & ESTCP AFFF Alternatives Program Review 

Robin Nissan, SERDP & ESTCP

Federal Aviation Administration Foam Replacement Research

Jonathan Torres, General Engineer

PFAS Program, National Institute of Standards & Technology

Jessica Reiner, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Swedish Defence Overview 

Tina Branting, Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV)

Firefighting Foams: Fire Service Roadmap

Ed Hawthorne, DFW Dynamics

Task Force Overview

Keith Welch, OASD(Sustainment)

Fluorine-Free Firefighting Agent for Military Installations 

Tom Ruffini, NAVSEA 

AFFF Alternatives: The Big Picture

Jerry Back, Jensen Hughes

Assessing the Acute Toxicity of PFAS-free AFFF Alternatives to Aquatic and Terrestrial Species

David Moore, U.S. Army ERDCJason Hoverman, Purdue UniversityJamie Suski, EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc.

Demonstration and Validation of Environmentally Sustainable Methods to Effectively Remove PFAS from Fire Suppression Systems 

Johnsie Lang, Arcadis 

Enhanced Contact Plasma Reactor Technology To Degrade and Destroy PFAS

Selma Mededovic Thagard, Clarkson University, DMAX Plasma 

Clean or Replace? Decontamination Framework for Firefighting Equipment and Hangars, ER20-5361

Matthew Magnuson, EPA

Total Organic Fluorine Method for Foam Concentrates, ER20-7187

Kevin Johnson, Thomas Loegel, and Katherine HinnantNaval Research Laboratory

Drop-in Synergistic Surfactants and Additives for Effective Pool Fire Suppression, WP20-1507

Ramagopal Ananth, Naval Research Laboratory

Hydrolysis Resistant Siloxane Surfactants as Additives for Pool Fire Suppression, WP18-1519

Matthew Davis, NAWC

Fundamentals of Surfactant Transport in Emulsions and Firefighting Foams, WP19-1407

Cari S. Dutcher, University of Minnesota

Advancing Alternatives Assessment and Informed Substitution for Chemicals of Concern -The Case Example of PFAS Use in AFFF, WP19-1424

Joel Tickner, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Polyethylene Oxide-based Polymer Formulations for PFAS Free Fire Suppression, WP20-1530

Braden Giordano, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Development of Fluorine Free Foams, WP20-1535

Kris Rangan, Materials Modification Inc. 

Innovative Nano-Encapsulated Ionic Liquid-Based Surfactants for Fluorine-Free Fire Extinguishing Foams, WP20-1539

Jaspreet Dhau, Molekule Inc

Screening Tests for PFAS-free Firefighting Foams, WP19-5332

Joshua Dinaburg, Jensen Hughes

A Fluorine-free, 100% Bio-based Fire-fighting Gel Material, WP19-5348

Karen Fleckner, Nu Element, Inc.

U.S. Army Combat Capabilities development Command Chemical Biological Center,  WP20-5337

Amee Polk and Nino Bonavito, CBC Energetics Branch

Extinguishing Fuel Fires with PNS, an Environmentally Friendly Compound, WP20-5380

Hahnah Kasowski Seminara and Robert V. Kasowski, PN Solutions Co

Testing of New Fluorine-Free Green Surfactant Mixtures to Replace AFFF, WP20-5381

Kevin Roth, ADA Technologies, Inc.

Water Mist Fire Suppression as an Alternative to Military Specification Foam in Aircraft Hangars, WP21-5212

Bridgett Ashley, AFCEC

The New Standard in Environmentally Safe Fire Protection

Kyle Giubbini, Safespill

PFAS-Free Foam / Compressed Air Foam Fire Suppression Alternative, WP20-5334

David Munroe, ACAF Systems, Inc. 

Validation of PFAS-free Foams Against Military Specifications Performance Criteria, WP19-5299 and WP20-5335

Satya P. Chauhan, Battelle

PFAS-Free Foam Sustainability Analysis 

Emma Williams, Noblis

Firefighting Capabilities Assessment of Commercially Available PFAS-Free Foam and Agents, WP19-5324

Jerry Back, Jensen Hughes

Validation Testing of the Leading Commercially Available PFAS-Free Foams, WP21-3465

Jerry Back, Jensen Hughes

Fluorine-Free Military Specification Development, WP20-5373

Jerry Back, Jensen Hughes

Foam Quality Effects on PFAS-Free Foam Firefighting Capabilities, WP19-5374 

Jerry Back, Jensen Hughes