The Department of Defense is working to reduce water and energy use throughout its installations in order to improve sustainability. One aspect of this is treatment of wastewater on both fixed installations and forward operating bases (FOBs). Current wastewater treatment options are generally energy intensive and do not produce water that is of sufficient quality to be reused. This session will highlight research on wastewater treatment with a focus on sustainable on-site treatment of wastewater and generation of usable products from these technologies.

Session Chair: Dr. Patrick Evans, CDM Smith,

How Best to Capture Used Water's Resources and When

Dr. Perry L. McCarty, Stanford University

Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors for Sustainable Wastewater Reclamation

Dr. Patrick J. Evans, CDM Smith

Scaling Up Microbial Fuel Cells to Continuously Treat Wastewaters, and Selective Ammonium Removal Using the Electrochemical Process of Battery Electrode Deionization

Dr. Bruce Logan, Pennsylvania State University

Hydrothermal Processing of Wastewater Solids to Produce Renewable Fuels

Mr. Jeff C. Moeller, The Water Research Foundation

Deployable Membrane Bioreactor-Reverse Osmosis Systems for Water Reuse

Dr. Christopher Griggs, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)

Investigating a Sustainable, Non-Membrane Based Approach for Potable Reuse

Mr. Robert Angelotti, Upper Occoquan Service Authority