A Low-energy Wastewater Treatment and Potable Reuse System Utilizing Waste Heat at Fixed Installation

Nicholas Josefik

Hybrid Microbial Fuel Cell-Biofiltration System for Energy-Neutral Wastewater Treatment,

Don Cropek

Distributed System for Efficient Recovery of Wastewater and Waste Heat

Christopher Griggs

Low Energy Chemical Treatment for Graywater Reuse: Mitigating Disinfection Byproducts and Recovering Cathodically Generated Hydrogen for Energy

David Gent

Distributed Low-Energy Wastewater Treatment (D-LEWT) for Fuel Generation and Water Reuse

Kathryn Guy

A Robust, Energy-Positive Wastewater Treatment System for Forward Operating Bases

Jay Dusenbury

Low Energy Baffled Bioreactor BBR-based Water Re-use System for Energy and Water Security

Christopher Griggs