November 18-20, 2014, Fort Myer, VA

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Session 1: Aerospace and Defense Policies, Needs, and Approaches

Briefing Title

Presenter / Organization

Welcome, Introduction, and Project of the Year Presentations

Anne Andrews, Robin Nissan


Keynote - Advancing Sustainable Surface Engineering - Challenges & Future Opportunities

Jeff Marqusee


NAVAIR Engineering Circular Approach and Progress

Craig Matzdorf


Corrosion Control in the Navy - Ships and USMC Vehicles

Matt Koch, E. Dail Thomas II

Navy Corrosion Control and Prevention Executive, Leidos

US Army Toxic Metal Reduction Program - Demonstrating Alternatives to Hexavalent Chromium and Cadmium in Surface Finishing

Noah Lieb

Hughes Associates, HQ RDECOM Support

TT-C-490 - Implementing Alternatives Through Specifications

John Escarsega, Jack Kelley


ONR Sea Based Aviation Program

Bill Nickerson


Session 2: Cadmium and Chromate Replacement in DoD and Industry

Briefing Title

Presenter / Organization

UK HITEA Project for Chromate Replacement

Brad Wiley

Rolls Royce

USAF Corrosion Issues

David Robertson

Air Force Corrosion Control and Prevention Executive

USAF Response to EPA:OSHA Cadmium and Chromate Rules

Melissa Klingenberg


SERDP:ESTCP Depot Cadmium and Chromate Replacement Initiative

Robin Nissan


Depot Cost of Cadmium and Chromate Rules, Depot Cadmium and Chromate Usage

Jack Benfer


Advanced Coatings 5-year Strategy

Scot Bryant


Session 3: Light Materials

Briefing Title

Presenter / Organization

Tagnite® and Keronite® Assessment on Magnesium and Aluminum

Jim Tankersley


Production Scale Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation of Aluminum and Magnesium

Agnes Pivnik, Arie Laor


EcoTuff Adhesive Bond Primer for Aluminum Alloys

Mark Jaworowski


Chromate Free Magnesium Gearbox Protection System for C-130

Brad Wiley

Rolls Royce

Session 4: Cadmium and Chromate Replacement on Military Platforms

Briefing Title

Presenter / Organization

Flight Testing of Non-Chromate Primers on Coast Guard Helicopters

Jeffrey Graham

U.S. Coast Guard

Cadmium Alternatives on Electrical Connectors

Gerald Tredan


Corrosion Inhibitive Primer for Zinc Nickel Plated Steel

George Zafiris


Manufacturable Aluminum Electroplating on Steel From Ionic Liquids

Lei Chen, Sheng Dai


Chromate-free Metallic Ceramics

Bruce McMordie

Coatings for Industry

Session 5: Wear Coatings and Treatments

Briefing Title

Presenter / Organization

Continuing Activities Related to the Development of a Trivalent Chromium Plating Process for Hard Chrome Applications

EJ Taylor, Glenn Williams

Faraday Technology, AMCOM

Nanocomposite Plating - In-Bath Nanoparticle Generation

Glen Slater

University of Auckland

Electrodeposition of Nanocrystalline Cobalt Phosphorous Coatings as a Hard Chrome Alternative

Ruben Prado


Electroformed Nanophase Cobalt as a Copper-Beryllium Bushing Alternative

Jon McCrea


Session 6: Ongoing Projects

Briefing Title

Presenter / Organization

Accelerated Corrosion Test Methodology Development

Chad Hunter


Atmospheric Plasma Depainting

Peter Yancey

Atmospheric Plasma Solutions

Effective Management of Hexavalent Chromium for DoD Organic and Inorganic Coating Operations

John Stropki, Vinay Gadkari


Benefit Cost Analysis of Surface Engineering Solutions Funded by SERDP-ESTCP Weapons Systems & Platforms Program Area

Tom Pelsoci

Delta Research

Session 7: The Nuts and Bolts of Zinc Nickel

Briefing Title

Presenter / Organization

Summary of Zinc Nickel Test Data

Keith Legg


OEM Zinc Nickel Implementation on Fasteners - Getting It Into Production

Blake Simpson, Louie Tran


Zinc Nickel Depot Implementation - Details of Bringing to Production

Craig Pesetto


Session 8: Chromate-Free Paint Systems

Briefing Title

Presenter / Organization

Non-Chromate Paint Systems on Commercial Aircraft - Current Status and Future Direction

Angela Davis


Non-Chromate Primer Testing, Flight Testing

Julia Russell


USAF Chromate-Free Coating Systems Characterization, Qualification & Integration

Mike Spicer


USCG Experience with Electrocoat Primer

Randy Langley

U.S. Coast Guard