In addition to demonstrating and validating technologies’ cost and performance, ESTCP program’s objective is to enable successful transition of high-impact technologies to the field and into the hands of the end-users. The keynote presentation will explore pathways to enable transfer and commercialization of the technology. In addition, the session takes a deep dive into the energy and water needs of the installations and present results from energy and water efficiency ESTCP demonstrations.  

Session Chair: Ms. Mary Hubbard, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

Introduction by Session Chair

Ms. Mary Hubbard, DOE

Energy Technology Development - From Concept to Commercialization

Mr. Jim Saber, Next Energy

Cold Climate Heat Pump Demonstration Results

Dr. Frederick Cogswell, United Technology Research Center

Hygroscopic Cooling Tower for Reduced HVAC Water Consumption

Dr. Christopher Martin, University of North Dakota

Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings (GEB)

Ms. Monica Neukomm, DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Water Resiliency Project Development, Financing, and Implementation

Mr. Michael Callahan, National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Mr. Antonio Bouza, DOE Buildings Technology Office