In-Progress Reviews

An annual presentation at an In-Progress Review meeting in the Washington, DC, area is required for all multi-year projects. These presentations are intended to review the project’s technical progress.

Agendas, presentation guidance, and logistical information specific to each program area will be available in advance of each meeting.

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End-of-Project Presentations

An end-of-project presentation may be required. These presentations provide an overview of the project’s results and highlight technology transfer opportunities. PowerPoint presentation charts are required, and presentations are at the discretion of the Program Manager.

An end-of-project presentation is required for all SERDP Exploratory Development (SEED) and Limited Scope (LS) projects. This presentation will facilitate the decision of whether or not a proposal for a follow-on effort will be considered.

Guidance documents specific to each program area provide the format and content requirements. These presentations are generally one hour and conducted by telephone. The PowerPoint templates will be provided by the Program Office.