Energetic Materials are important components of weapon systems. This session will describe the synthesis of novel "green" energetics and new synthesis methodologies, formulating for environmental benefits and characterization methods. The session has a line up of distinguished researchers from different aspects of Energetics Materials  life cycle. The session will cover synthesis of CHNO based Energetics, aluminized propellants and processing methods, novel characterization methods as well as additive manufacturing of Energetics. The session will conclude with a discussion on future directions in Energetics for the Weapons Systems & Platforms. 

Session Chair: Dr. Niru Trivedi, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Introduction by Session Chair

Dr. Niru Trivedi, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Less Toxic Advanced Energetic Materials

Dr. Steven Son, Purdue University

Time Delays: The Path Toward Environmentally-Benign Formulations

Dr. Lori Groven, South Dakota School of Mines

Analysis of Emissions in Muzzle Blasts

Dr. Kevin McNesby, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division

Additive Manufacturing in Energetics; Formulations

Dr. Jeff Rhoads, Purdue University

Alternatives to Composition B Explosives

Dr. Karl Oyler, Army Research Laboratory

Tactical Solid Rocket Motor Propellant Systems that Eliminate Isocyanates and Ammonium Perchlorate

Dr. Andrew Nelson, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division