Sonar Identifies Underwater Munitions in Gulf Study – In an important milestone, low-frequency sonar successfully detects and classifies munitions in a field setting. More

Protective Coating Improves Jet Engine Fuel Efficiency – Innovative erosion-corrosion resistant coating extends the life of jet engines and improves fuel efficiency, while also reducing carbon emissions. More

Assessing Pacific Island Watershed Health – At-risk fish populations can serve as a key indicator for assessing Pacific Island watershed health and sustaining military operations. More

New Insights Into Tracking Contaminants in Bedrock – Study finds that ferrous iron mineralogy can significantly increase TCE natural attenuation rates at fractured bedrock sites. More

ClimaStat Technology Improves HVAC Efficiency – Energy efficiency improves by 29% for an HVAC retrofit at MCAS Beaufort and 17% for a new system at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. More

Innovative Plating Process for Beryllium Alternatives – Nanostructured copper alloys match beryllium’s essential properties of being lightweight and high-strength, without the toxicity. More