Dr. Rattan Lal

Director, CFAES Rattan Lal Center for Carbon Management & Sequestration

The Ohio State University

Dr. Lal’s research focuses on soil-centric agricultural management to improve food security and develop climate-resilient agriculture through soil carbon sequestration, sustainable intensification, use efficiency of agroecosystems, sustainable management of soils, soil health, and advance Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Dr. Fiona Doyle

Special Advisor to the Dean of Engineering for Academic Matters, Professor Emerita of Materials Science and Engineering

University of California

Professor Doyle’s research interests include the application of chemical thermodynamics, chemical and electrochemical kinetics, transport phenomena, colloid and interfacial science to develop a fundamental mechanistic understanding of minerals and materials processing operations and materials-solution interactions, with a goal of developing a foundation for ensuring sustainability and economic competitiveness in the supply of resources and energy.



Dr. Gerald “Jerry” Frankel

Director, Fontana Corrosion Center

The Ohio State University

Dr. Frankel’s primary research interests are in the passivation and localized corrosion of metals and alloys, corrosion inhibition, protective coatings and atmospheric corrosion. He is currently researching new models for pitting corrosion, galvanic coupling of Al and carbon fiber composite, and the effect of washing and rinsing on atmospheric corrosion.


Dr. Roger Aines

Energy Program Chief Scientist

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dr. Aines’ primary interests and expertise are in carbon emissions management, negative emissions technologies, clean energy technology, and carbon capture and storage. He currently provides oversight and assistance with all aspects of the Carbon Negative initiative to reduce carbon emissions and other environmental impacts of fossil fuel production and use.



Dr. Dick Yue

Philip J. Solondz Professor of Engineering, Professor of Mechanical & Ocean Engineering


Dr. Yue is internationally recognized for his expertise in ocean and coastal wave dynamics, nonlinear motions and loads on ships and offshore structures, fluid mechanics of the air-sea interface, renewable ocean energy extraction, and hydrodynamics of fish swimming.


Dr. Otakuye Conroy-Ben

Assistant Professor, School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment

Arizona State University

Dr. Conroy-Ben’s research focuses on the biological effects of polluted water.  Her research interests include environmental endocrine disruption, metal and antibiotic resistance in bacteria, and wastewater epidemiology.



Dr. Nucharin Songsasen

Head, Center for Species Survival


Dr. Songsasen is a leading expert in the field of carnivore reproductive biology, especially canids (dog-like species). Her research focuses on developing innovative technologies to rescuing valuable genetics from wild canids and felids, while improving human reproductive health.


Dr. Robert Webb

Director of the NOAA Physical Sciences Laboratory (PSL)

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration

Dr. Webb’s primary focus is to improve predictions on weather-to-climate time scales by identifying early warning indicators in atmosphere and ocean patterns. His lab strives to improve observations, process understanding, modeling and predictions of weather, water and climate variations and extremes, and their related impacts.



Dr. George “Rusty” Gray III

Laboratory Fellow

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Dr. Gray is recently retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) where he held the positions of Laboratory Fellow and Scientist 6 in the dynamic properties and constitutive modeling team. He conducts fundamental, applied, and focused programmatic research on high-strain-rate and shock deformation.


Dr. James Michael “Mike” Kuperberg

Executive Director of the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP)

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Dr. Kuperberg’s areas of interest and expertise include environmental toxicology, ecology, and carbon cycling. He also has a keen interest in Arctic research and served as the DOE’s staff representative to the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee.