Brush plating is usually thought of as a messy, poorly-controlled process to be avoided wherever possible. This Short Course will discuss and demonstrate how selective repairs can be carried out in a well-controlled, clean manner. It will provide a detailed look at the technology and its applications, including a depot user’s-eye view of brush plating and anodizing for production and repair of military systems. The capabilities, limitations, and performance of equipment and techniques will be discussed, including selective plating, anodizing, stripping, and repair of components in-place on military equipment. The course will include discussion and demonstration of equipment that avoids drips and runs and keeps toxic materials isolated from the user and the environment in a closed-loop system, and the chance for attendees to discuss selective repair methods with expert, and try out the equipment for themselves.


Dr. Keith O. Legg, Corrdesa, LLC  

Practical Applications for Selective Plating and Anodizing in Manufacturing and Sustainment