DoD is responsible for remediating and protecting the groundwater associated with military installations. Contaminated groundwater is the largest liability in the Defense Environmental Restoration Program. Thousands of sites have been impacted by chlorinated solvents, PFAS, 1,4-dioxane, energetic materials, perchlorate, and other hazardous compounds. All such sites require characterization, remediation and monitoring. This session addressed the advances in characterization, monitoring, treatment and management of groundwater sites.

Session Chair: Dr. Keith Legg, Corrdesa LLC

REACH Impact on Defence: EU Perspective & EDA REACH activities

Mr. Costas Tataroglou and Ms. Alexandra Lesage, European Defence Agency

REACH Impacts on F-35

Mr. Scott Fetter, Lockheed Martin

REACH and U.S. Chemicals Policy: Surface Finishing Industry Outlook

Mr. Christian Richter, The Policy Group

REACH and the US / European Aerospace & Defence Community

Mr. Terry Rees-Pedlar, BAE Systems Land UK

Accelerated Test and Evaluation for Materials Qualification

Dr. Keith Legg, Corrdesa LLC