A Final Report is a requirement of all ESTCP projects. This report, required in both draft and final versions, is reviewed and approved by ESTCP. The Final Report is a comprehensive technical report documenting the project’s activities, results, and conclusions. Approved Final Reports are posted to the SERDP/ESTCP website. The Final Report contains an Executive Summary that is posted separately on the SERDP/ESTCP website.

A guidance document specific to each Program Area provides the format, content, and submittal requirements. The Word version of the guidance document may be downloaded and used as a template.


Final Report Guidance

  • Environmental Restoration Projects (WordPDF)
  • Installation Energy and Water Projects (WordPDF)
  • Munitions Response Projects (Word, PDF)
  • Resource Conservation and Resiliency Projects (Word, PDF)
  • Weapons Systems and Platforms Projects (Word, PDF)

 A Standard Form 298 (Rev. 8-98) Report Documentation Page (SF 298) must be included in each Final Report submission.