Technical reports are required for SERDP-funded research projects. The timing and content of the required reports will be established at the time that the proposal is finalized. These reports are reviewed and approved by SERDP. Approved Final Technical Reports are posted to the SERDP and ESTCP website. 

Interim Technical Report – SERDP Interim Reports provide SERDP and the project team an opportunity to: (1) capture technical and scientific results at the completion of a significant phase of a project; (2) assess whether interim objectives have been met; and (3) recommend adjustments to the upcoming planned research, as needed. Multi-year projects will be required to prepare one or more interim reports using this guidance

Final Technical Report – The Final Technical Report is a complete compilation of procedures, results, and conclusions for the project. The report should present all of the research results, products developed, and significant data collected through the project. Final reports for all multi-year projects follow this guidance

SERDP Exploratory Development (SEED) or Limited Scope (LS) Report – The SEED or LS report provides complete documentation of a SEED or LS project’s research results and also provides SERDP with the information needed to make a decision as to whether a proposal for follow-on work will be considered. SEED or LS reports follow this guidance

A Standard Form 298 (Rev. 8-98) Report Documentation Page (SF 298) must be included in each technical report that is submitted.


Requirements for Projects Addressing PFAS Issues - All investigators addressing PFAS related issues should review this document for additional requirements.