ESTCP Project Information

Projects Listed Chronologically by Number 

RC-200611 (Out brief): Streamlined Archaeo-Geophysical Data Processing and Integration for DoD Field Use (ESTCP) (Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael Hargrave)   
RC-200815: Vehicle Dynamics Monitoring and Tracking System (VDMTS): Monitoring Mission Impacts in Support of Installation Land Management (ESTCP) (Principal Investigator: Mr. Steve McClung)  

RC-200817: Continuous, Wireless Monitoring of Sediment Flux at Multiple Low-Water Stream Crossings on Tank Trails (ESTCP) (Principal Investigator: Mr. Steve McClung)

RC-200820: Validating the Kinematic Wave Approach for Rapid Soil Erosion Assessment and Improved BMP Site Selection to Enhance Training Land Sustainability (ESTCP) (Principal Investigator: Dr. Stacy Hutchinson)

RC-200923: Measuring Hydrological and Ecological Functioning of Vernal Pool Wetlands (ESTCP) (Principal Investigator: Ms. Kirsten Christopherson) 

RC-201021: High Resolution Landscape (2-D) Mosaics for Improved Coral Reef Monitoring Capability (ESTCP) (Principal Investigator: Mr. William Wild)