AFFF and other firefighting foam agents have revolutionized military and industrial firefighting. Rapid extinguishment and elimination of reignition hazards save lives. As we move from PFAS containing AFFF to PFAS-free formulations, we should understand the history and technologies involved in fighting hydrocarbon pool fires and large scale industrial fires. This short course covered the mechanics of foam, specific protocols, current testing and development, knowledge gaps, and the transition to future management. 


Dr. Robin Nissan, SERDP and ESTCP

An Introduction to Foam

Dr. Niall Ramsden, ENRG Consultant Co

Global Trends in Foam Controls

Ms. Shalene Thomas, Wood Plc

Critical Foam Performance Criteria

Dr. Niall Ramsden, ENRG Consultant Co

Current Performance Testing, Development, and Associated Issues

Mr. Jerry Back, Jensen Hughes Mr. Stephen Pepper, Phillips 66 CPT Mitchell Iles, DFW Airport Fire Dept

Gaps in Knowledge

Dr. Niall Ramsden, ENRG Consultant Co

Ensuring Long Term Cradle to Graves Sustainable Policies Through Holistic Transition Assurance

Dr. Niall Ramsden, ENRG Consultant Co