Poster Title and Presentation Presenter

Advancing Best Practices for the Analysis of the Vulnerability of Military Installations in the Pacific Basin to Coastal Flooding under a Changing Climate

John Marra

Seasonal Variability in Material Fluxes through Small Rivers and Streams on the North Slope of Alaska

Joseph P Smith

Aquatic Ecosystem Vulnerability to Fire and Climate Change in Alaskan Boreal Forests

Stephen Klobucar

Interior Alaska DoD Training Land Wildlife Habitat Vulnerability to Permafrost Thaw, an Altered Fire Regime, and Hydrologic Changes

Thomas Douglas

Resiliency and Vulnerability of Boreal Forest Habitat to the Interaction of Climate and Fire Disturbance across DoD Lands of Interior Alaska

Scott Goetz

Catchment Biogeochemistry as an Indicator of Boreal Ecosystem State

Tamara Harms

Quantifying the Impact of Atmospheric Blocking on the Mean State of the North Atlantic Sector of the Arctic

Gina Henderson

Enhancing the Capability and Efficiency of DoD Land Management by Using Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Assess the Impacts of Fires and Coastal Storms

Justin Ridge

Understanding and Assessing Riparian Habitat Vulnerability to Drought-Prone Climate Regimes on Department of Defense Bases in the Southwestern USA

Michael Singer

Windshield to Joystick: Demonstration and Validation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Monitoring Methodologies Used for Natural Resource Assessment on Military Lands

Heidi Howard

Region-wide Integration of UAS Technology into DoD Natural Resource Management through Demonstration, Coordination, Training, and Outfitting

Susan Cohen

Coral Reef Arks: A Cost-effective and High-return Tool for Restoration and Conservation of Coral Reef Resources on DoD Submerged Lands

Jessica Carilli

Forecasting Dryland Ecosystem Vulnerability to Change: A Cross-system Assessment of Vegetation and Process Responses to Disturbance and Climate Variability on DoD Lands

Brooke Osborne

Use of the “Data MULE” Unmanned Aircraft System to Remotely Download Ground Based Sensor Data on Military Lands: 2020 Results

Jean Pan