June 15-16, 2010 Grand Rapids, MI

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Vehicle Issues and Concerns

April 8 DoD Memo and Efforts to Eliminate Cd, Cr6+ and High VOC Paints

Bruce Sartwell


DoD Coating Issues and Concerns for Military Vehicles

Carl Handsy


User Perspective: Corrosion Issues and Control for USMC Systems

Matt Koch

USMC Corrosion Prevention and Control

Supplier Perspective: Paints and Finishes for Corrosion Protection of Military Vehicles

Jay Burkard

Burkard Industries

Stryker Program Hazmat Elimination Strategy

Stephen Bails

PMO-SBCT Environmental Coordinator

How DLA Supports Materials Changes

James Reed & Richard Hansen

Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Logistics Information Service

Technologies and Solutions

Summary of Day 1 Session and Issues

Keith Legg


Commercial Fastener Coatings

Jim Soma & Albert Gelles

Magni, Doerken

Implementation of Dip-Spin Coated Fasteners on New Vehicles

Angela Ton

BAE Systems

Production HVOF Thermal Spray Coatings for Vehicle Hydraulics

Otto Rajtora


Electroplate Alternatives to Hard Chromium

Paco Gonzales & Joseph Montano

Integran, Xtalic

Coating Developments for Vehicles - Way Forward

John Escarsega

Army Research Lab