This session included projects funded by the Environmental Restoration Program and the Installation Energy and Water Program, as well as presentations on recent Office of the Secretary of Defense and Air Force water resilience initiatives. Speakers covered topics ranging from water quality, wastewater treatment, water conservation and water resilience. 

Session Chair: Dr. Staci Simonich, Oregon State University

Introduction by Session Chair

Dr. Staci Simonich, Oregon State University

Strengthening DoD's Water Resilience

Ms. Marissa McInnis, Texas A&M University

Integrating Water Resilience Projects for the U.S. Air Force

Ms. Kelsey Semrod, Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC)

Ice Pigging - An Innovative Technology for the Cleaning of Water Mains

Mr. Steven Fann, NAVFAC EXWCDr. Alexander Mathews, Kansas State University

Multi-Objective Optimization of Modular Plug-and-Play Operations Towards Sustainable Wastewater Treatment for Forward Operating Bases

Dr. Wei Liao, Michigan State University

Design and Development of Deployable Systems for Water Re-use and Unlocking "New" Sources of Water

Dr. Christopher Griggs, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center

Validation of Pulsed Exposure Toxicity Methods at San Diego Regional Naval Bases

Ms. Molly Colvin, Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific