Established in accordance with the SERDP statute, the SERDP Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) assures that the Program maintains a clear focus on technical quality. The SAB is a formal Federal Advisory Committee.

The SAB has the authority to make recommendations to the SERDP Council regarding technologies, research, projects, programs, activities, and funding. The SAB is composed of between six and fourteen members who are jointly appointed by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Energy in consultation with the Administrator of the EPA.

To ensure that SERDP objectives are consistent with the Administration’s goals, two members of the SAB are mandated in the statute—the Science Advisor to the President, and the Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or their designees. Also, to ensure that regional and global environmental issues are appropriately addressed in SERDP, at least one member should represent the interests of State governments and one member should represent environmental public interest groups.

SAB Membership

September SAB Agenda

October SAB Agenda