The session featured presentations on the latest novel technologies to develop primers and topcoats, as well as technologies that safely and quickly remove finishing systems on weapons, support equipment, and component parts.

Session Chair: Dr. Kevin Kovaleski, Naval Air Systems Command

Introduction by Session Chair

Dr. Kevin Kovaleski, Naval Air Systems Command

Effect of Environmental Regulations and DoD Aviation Coating System Technology Transition

Ms. Julia Russell, Naval Air Warcraft Center

Impact of Cleaning Tools on Antifouling Paints

Mr. Pat Earley, Naval Surface Warfare Center

Environmental Friendly Paint Removal from Military Components

Mr. Michael Froning, U.S. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center

Paint and Depaint Processes from the Perspective of Cd and Cr6+ Alternatives 5-Year Strategy and Roadmap

Mr. Scot Bryant, Noblis, Inc.

Validation and Demonstration of Relative Humidity Controlled Accelerated Corrosion Test: New Specification Development

Mr. Alex Lilly, Naval Air Systems Command