This technical session focused on technologies that can be used on-site for efficient, environmentally friendly destruction of waste materials, while also being self-powered, “net energy neutral,” or minimizing the demand for external fuels. 

Session Chair: Dr. Rosati Rowe, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Introduction by Session Chair

Dr. Rosati Rowe, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The Future of Waste-To-Energy

Ms. RuthAnne Darling, Operational Energy-Innovation

Expeditionary Solid Waste Disposal – Challenge of Energy from Waste

Mr. Neil Pearce, Enercon Systems Inc.

Rotary Waste to Energy Converter for Overseas Operations

Dr. James Hardin, SUNY Cobleskill Research Foundation

Demonstration and Validation of a Battalion-Scale Waste To Energy Conversion System

Mr. Matthew Young, MSW Power Corporation

Total Resource Utilization (TRU) Habitat Field Demonstration at USMC Exercise

Mr. James Pilkington, U.S. Navy Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center

Diverting Waste: Leveraging Cutting Edge Distributed Generation to Reduce Landfill Waste and Carbon Emissions

Mr. Lee Jestings, Enexor BioEnergy Bio-CHP