Making a claim that a chemical, process, or product is more sustainable or greener than the original requires data. DoD’s Sustainability Analysis methodology provides researchers and program officers with a way to collect and produce the evidence needed to support decisions that promote sound environmental stewardship. Personnel across the DoD have used the Sustainability Analysis methodology to characterize potential costs of natural resource, human health, and environmental impacts. This short course will:   • Provide an overview of DoD’s Sustainability Analysis portfolio   • Present results from recently completed Sustainability Analyses of DoD systems   • Describe data, software, and other resources for performing Sustainability Analyses Attendees will leave the course better prepared to achieve life cycle objectives outlined in SERDP-ESTCP statements of need and defense acquisition policies.


Dr. Kelly Scanlon, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Environment)

Sustainability Analysis: Capturing Life Cycle Impacts and Costs in Defense