Site Description

The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) is located in Twentynine Palms in the desert of southern California. Munitions Response Program (MRP) Site UXO 01 is the location of the ESTCP demonstration. MRP Site UXO 01 is composed of portions of Range 106, the Small Arms Remote Target System (SARTS) Range, and Range 107, the Mortar Range. These ranges were constructed in 1974 on previously undeveloped desert and were actively used until 1984. This site is now an inactive range and covers a sloped area of approximately two acres adjacent to active firing ranges.

Suspected Munitions Present at the Demonstration Site

60mm Mortar White Phosphorous (WP), 60mm Illuminating, Signal Flare, 60mm and 81mm mortar high explosive (HE)

Flares, smoke grenades, 40mm grenades, AT-4 and 25mm projectiles

Demonstration Summary

This demonstration will be performed in parallel with the Remedial Investigation by the PIKA-PIRNIE Joint Venture. ARCADIS/Malcolm Pirnie will use MetalMapper (MM) to collect dynamic data with complete coverage in the study area to identify buried metallic targets. The cued mode survey will consist of collecting cued data over targets identified from dynamic survey data. The demonstrator will apply advanced classification methods using the MM cued data and create a prioritized target list.

To validate technology performance, the demonstration will include a limited intrusive investigation of 40 buried items that have geophysical characteristics indicative of targets of interest (TOI) such as munitions and industry standard objects (ISO) used as blind seeds. Results of the data analysis from this demonstration will be posted as they become available.

Demonstration Projects

The Effect of Noise on EM61-MK2 and MetalMapper Classification StrategiesLead Organization: ARCADIS/Malcolm Pirnie