Weapons Systems and Platform (WP) Program Area 

The objective of this Statement of Need (SON) was to identify, develop, and deploy functional additives and/or modifications of existing fire-fighting equipment to enhance the fire-suppression performance of mature and emerging per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)-free fire suppressants for military use. Specifically, the goal was to address the following research needs:

  • Performance: Provide data on the firefighting performance of the proposed functional additives and/or modifications to existing firefighting equipment.
  • Storability: Evaluate factors such as flammability, reactivity, viscosity, and shelf-life affecting the long-term safe storage of the proposed functional additives.
  • Compatibility: Determine the compatibility of the proposed functional additives with the foam, foam delivery equipment, and infrastructure.

The projects listed below were selected to address the objectives of this SON. Additional information on individual projects can be found by clicking the project title.

Functional additives and improved foam formation, discharge and delivery methods should provide increased performance for currently available foams. Additionally, new PFAS-free formulations will enable sustained manufacture and use of AFFF or alternative fire suppression technologies by meeting environmental requirements while maintaining equivalent performance to ensure safety of DoD personnel at airfields and onboard ships.