In this panel discussion, attendees discovered how to collaborate with the Operational Energy (OE) Community to address future energy needs, shape requirements and transition into a program of record. Service Energy leads discussed the requirements for fielding future operational energy technologies. Following the panel discussion, there was a training session for government research performers using the Congressionally-mandated OE Management System tool. This tool provides portfolio management of OE Innovation programs as well as tracks transition to the Services and Combatant Commands. 

Session Chair: Ms. RuthAnne Darling, Operational Energy-Innovation

Introduction by Session Chair

Ms. RuthAnne Darling, Operational Energy-Innovation

Army Operational Energy

Mr. Nathan Cornell, ODASA (Energy & Sustainability)

NSIN Overview

Mr. Kedar Pavgi, National Security Innovation Network

Doing Business with NRL

Dr. Holly Ricks-Laskoski, NRL

Operational Energy Management System Tool Training

Ms. Amy Maples, Noblis