February 7 - 10, 2011 New Orleans, Louisiana

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Side Meeting: Computational & Database Methods for Design & Prediction


Keith Legg


Durable Aircraft Design Modules for Corrosion Protection

Craig Matzdorf, Farrel Martin


Computational Galvanic Corrosion Prediction

Leslie Bortels

Elsyca (Belgium)

Coating Databases for Aircraft & Weapon Systems Design, Incorporating Performance, Galvanic, Environmental & Cost Data

Patrick Coulter

Granta Design (UK)

Galvanic Data Acquisition

Dennis Dull

Boeing Research & Technology

cWorks - Corrosion Identification and Management Software for Aircraft Corrosion Control

Steve Gaydos

Boeing Research & Technology

Corrosion Prevention and Control Database

Matt Koch


Materials by Design - Computational Alloy Design for Corrosion Control

Charlie Kuehmann

Questek Innovations

Atoms to Airplanes: The Future

Joe Osborne

Boeing Research & Technology

Session 1: Drivers for Material Replacement


Bruce Sartwell


DoD's Hexavalent Chromium Minimization Strategy and Strategic Plan for REACH

Paul Yaroschak


Effect of REACH on the Aerospace Industry>

Scott Fetter

Lockheed-Martin F-35

Meeting the Challenge of Environmental Regulations in Europe and North America

Alain Viola, Roger Eybel

Safran (France)

Effect of European and US Rules on Plating and Finishing

Christian Richter


Helping the Warfighter Become Green

James Reed




Session 2: Issues and Solutions for Platforms

Coating Systems for Army Vehicles

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John Escarsega


Progress in Naval Aviation Systems

Craig Matzdorf


Lessons Learned in Hazmat Replacement at Boeing

Joe Osborne

Boeing Research & Technology

Coating Requirements and Projects for USMC Vehicles

Matt Koch


Session 3: Light Metal Protection and Repair

Magnesium Finishing for OEM and Overhaul

Bill Elmquist


Recent Keronite Developments and Approvals on Titanium, Magnesium and Aluminum Composites

James Curran

Keronite (UK)

Cold Spray for Repair of Magnesium Gearboxes

Brian Gabriel


Clean & Green Brush Plating and Anodizing in Europe

Jean-Pierre Chaix

Dalic (France)

Summary of Day 1 Side Meeting on Computational and Database Methods

Keith Legg


Session 4: Coating Systems

Progress in Powdercoat

Wayne Patterson

Hill AFB

Environmental and Performance Advancements in CARC Systems

John Mort


Electrocoat Process for Non-Chromate Primers in DoD Manufacturing

Thor Lingenfelter


Ultraviolet Curable Topcoats

Todd Williams

Bayer Materials Science

Non-Hexavalent Chromium Steel Conversion Coatings for Ground Vehicles

John Kelley


NAVAIR Progress in Assessing, Validating and Implementing Non-Chromate Primers

Julia Russell, Bill Nickerson, Craig Matzdorf


Ultraviolet Curable Powder Coatings

Chris Geib


Session 5: Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6+) and Cadmium (Cd) Alternatives

Low Hydrogen Embrittlement Zinc-Nickel Qualification Test Results & Process Parameters Development

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Craig Pessetto,Dave Frederick


Temperature Effects on Corrosion of Cr6+, Cr3+, and Non-Cr6+ Conversion Coatings on AlumiPlate, and AlumiPlate Implementations

Kelly Donaldson


Ionic Liquid Aluminum Plating for Cd Replacement

Toshi Murai, Tarek Nahlawi

Dipsol Chemical Co. Japan; Dipsol of America

Qualification of Cold Spray for Repair of MIL-DTL-83488 Aluminum Coatings

Steve Gaydos

Boeing Research & Technology

Qualification of Brush Plating Repairs for Cadmium and Alternatives

Mary Gilman

Boeing Research & Technology

Environmentally Compliant Sealant Removers

Jim Tankersley

Battelle Dayton

Session 6: Cr6+ and Cd Alternatives for Electronics

NASA TEERM Progress: Cr6+ Elimination for Electronics

Matt Rothgeb, Kurt Kessel


Cd and Cr6+ on Connectors: Alternatives & Issues

Gerald Tredan

Radiall (France)

Tin-Zinc for Cd Replacement on Connectors

Tarek Nahlawi

Dipsol of America

Galvanic Consequences of Using Different Cd Alternatives on Electrical Connectors

Alan Rose

Elsyca (USA)

Session 7: Hard Chrome Plating Alternatives

Evaluation of HVOF Applied Coatings as a Replacement for Sulfamate Nickel-Chromium Plating on Landing Gear Structure

Mark Pollack, John Falkowski

Boeing Research & Technology

Electrodeposition of Nanovate CR Coatings as a Hard Chrome Alternative

Ruben Prado, Diana Facchini

ADEP JAX, Integran

Gun Barrel Coatings - PVD

Gennady Yumshtyk

Paradigm Shift

Gun Barrel Coatings - Explosive Bonding

Frank Campo

Benet Labs

New AMS Specs for Grinding and Superfinishing of HVOF Coatings

Jon Devereaux


Session 8: Accelerated Test Methods

Corrosion Testing and the Non-Chrome Engineering Circular

Craig Matzdorf


Understanding the Role of Spray & Relative Humidity Conditions in Accelerated Corrosion Testing

Jim Dante


Design of Experiment Approach to Hydrogen Re-Embrittlement Evaluation

Scott Grendahl, Ed Babcock, Steve Gaydos

ARL, Boeing Research & Technology

Session 9: Coating Removal

Final Evaluation of an Environmentally Compliant Paint Remover

Frank DiPofi, Jeff Kingsley


Progress in Laser Stripping

Randy Straw


Atmospheric Plasma for Surface Modification

Stephen Hudak

NC State

Pulse Waterjet Coating Removal of Platings and Coating

Fred Laguines, Jay Randolph, Willy Bloom


Session 10: Beryllium and Other Issues

Copper-Beryllium Alternative Development Using a Computational Approach

Eric Fodran

Northrop Grumman

A Metal Matrix Composite Beryllium-Aluminum Alternative for Optical Systems

Scott Fetter


Microbially Influenced Corrosion

John Stropki

Battelle Columbus