This project’s vision is to take an extremely successful technology transfer model from the field of education and transfer it to SERDP and ESTCP in a way that combines the best elements of the three technology transfer channels: On-Demand, End-User Focused, and Internet Micro-Lectures. This project would target the various groups that are interested in the knowledge, new technology, and insights provided by SERDP and ESTCP. This includes remedial project managers, acquisition program managers, natural resource managers, energy/water managers, regulatory agency representatives, weapons specialists, and other practitioners.

Technology Description

This project seeks to provide a new channel for SERDP and ESTCP technology transfer, consisting of on-line micro-lecture videos. Starting with 12 to 18 individual SERDP or ESTCP projects, this project will develop a five to ten minute micro video lecture that tells the viewer the essential information about that particular project. As an on-line internet resource, the interaction will not require any travel or put any burdens on the lead investigators of a project.


The key concepts that make the micro-lectures a compelling technology transfer strategy are:

  • Delivery cost is free via a new SERDP and ESTCP YouTube Channel.
  • Users will actually see the key equipment, field hardware, project data, and/or “the key figure” that brings the concept home to the viewer.
  • The video products will be designed to be accessible on all different computer platforms, tablets, and mobile devices such as smart phones.