The objective of this project is to demonstrate the ability to efficiently cool high heat density electronics used in data centers by open bath immersion (OBI) cooling. The demonstration will be conducted at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C.

Technology Description

Two‐phase immersion cooling is a process in which live electronics are immersed in a dielectric liquid (does not conduct electricity) that changes phase (boils) on the heat generating components, thereby cooling them. The vapor generated in this process is condensed within the system through a condensing unit, and the heat is transferred outside to a “dry cooler” through a water loop. The condensed dielectric fluid passively flows back to the immersion tank to repeat the cycle. Unlike sealed applications in use for other electronic equipment, this demonstration uses an open bath system, which is more practical for computational systems.

Implementation Issues

This technology offers energy efficiency superior to other liquid cooling technologies and holds promise for transformational advances in very dense computing environments. This will allow orders of magnitude scaling in computational ability with minimal energy expended for cooling. The technology cools energy intensive electronics, while eliminating major capital and operating expenses for energy and water use. (Anticipated Project Completion - 2015)