The Department of Defense (DoD) has challenging lighting criteria for aircraft facilities. Lighting is crucial to conduct airfield and aircraft maintenance work, but too much lighting has a negative impact on energy and the environment. This demonstration seeks an energy efficient and cost-effective lighting solution that will replace current standard metal halide or high-pressure sodium lighting systems on aircraft ramps, parking aprons, high-masts lights, and hangars (airfield facilities). This lighting solution must meet federal aviation administration requirements for color rendering, illumination, night vision, security, glare, and sky glow (light pollution). The lighting solution must operate in extreme temperatures, high mounting heights, and in dusty, damp, or corrosive environments, with strict communication requirements and save energy and money compared to traditional systems.

Technology Description

This study will develop, deploy, and demonstrate a lighting solution that incorporates advanced technology features. Typical light levels are often not sufficient to carry out every-day tasks; as a result, the overall intent is to improve light levels within the working space of the hangar while reducing energy consumption.

Lighting Requirements:

  • Operate in extreme temperatures, high mounting heights, and in dusty, damp or corrosive environments with strict communication requirements
  • Minimized installation and maintenance costs
  • Support apron activities with five footcandles minimum (confirm exterior in scope)
  • Dimmable to three footcandles or less
  • Sufficient illumination for areas of vulnerability to safeguard personnel and unauthorized access to equipment and materials

Control Requirements:

  • Individual fixture control
  • Dynamic Response with input from sensors providing required illumination task lighting where needed
  • Dimmable to three footcandles or less
  • CyberSecurity Design to include communication encryption, user access and authentication, network segmentation and accreditation documentation
  • Sensor driven automatic alerts
  • Data collection and reporting


The Air Force Civil Engineer Center in conjunction with Battelle and SitelogIQ will develop and demonstrate turnkey solutions of Smart LED lighting and lighting controls for high-bay applications. The project will include installation of innovative, state-of-the-art Smart LED lighting and lighting controls solution that combines improved energy efficiencies with operational readiness improvements. This Smart LED lighting solution will improve the energy footprint with substantially better color rendition factors to increase maintenance staff effectiveness. The lighting controls upgrade will allow more precise zoning so that only necessary fixtures are enabled when needed, which further improves the task-based lighting energy investment.