The objective of this project is to optimize coated powder metal matrix materials for use in an optical targeting system, validate the material by generating S-basis allowables, demonstrate manufacturability by fabricating components for fifth-generation fighter optical components, and validate their performance versus the AlBeMet(R) alloy using full-scale tests and dynamic and stress models. In order to replace the baseline, the material must meet relevant performance requirements of the selected fifth-generation fighter applications, be sufficiently characterized, and exhibit significantly reduced toxicity and improved manufacturability.

Technology Description

Advance Powder Solutions Inc. (APS) produces a wide range of tailorable powders that are processed into fully dense ready-to-machine billets. This process provides flexibility at the microstructural level to control the structure and individually tailor each powder or finished article manufactured to meet unique requirements. The tailorable powders are produced and coated using APS-improved chemical vapor deposition (CVD) fluidized bed reactors. Powders are compressed then consolidated into parts using dynamic forging. Dynamic forging combines the best attributes of forging (high pressure) and hot isostatic pressing (HIP, near net shape processing) using a pressure transmitting medium, instead of custom-made HIP cans, enabling part production in a fraction of the time.


This project seeks to demonstrate a significant cost reduction for typical hardware compared with beryllium and AlBeMet(R) alloys, as well as weight savings for some components, reduced lead times, and improved corrosion resistance while removing occupational health and safety concerns. Department of Defense full life-cycle cost savings will be even greater. (Anticipated Project Completion - 2015)