The overall project objective of this project is to develop an interactive project dashboard in a mobile application to serve as a flexible and on-demand showcase for SERDP and ESTCP per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS)-related projects to a wide range of end-users. Powered by Microsoft Power BI, this dashboard application will include the following features:

  • Available in both tablet and smartphone friendly versions. The dashboard will have the resemblance of a mobile app but be accessed via web links without the need of installing the actual app to the end-users’ devices.
  • Present and compare project specifics and findings laterally in numerous dashboard configurations equipped with visualizations that are completely interactive, with focus geared toward different groups of end users.
  • Provide a centralized portal where well-categorized links to existing webinars, fact sheets, project reports, and other technology transfer materials can be easily located by the end users.
  • Backed up by a secure database that is transferrable and easy to update with new projects and their details. Once the app is set up, authorized Department of Defense (DoD) personnel can add or modify project details on the dashboard from the database end as needed.

Technology Description

The interactive data visualization software product developed by Microsoft Power BI, will be the data visualization platform utilized for the SERDP and ESTCP project dashboard: PFAS In-Depth. The dashboard will enable a speedy search of any specific project (e.g., by Principal Investigator, by project ID, or by keywords) and provide “horizontal” overviews, such as summary statistics (e.g., top five DoD installations for ESTCP PFAS projects to date, histograms of different project metrics), geographic distribution of projects, and analytics for particular interests such as energy consumption comparison among projects investigating PFAS destructive technologies.

The project will be considered a success if 1) end users are able to quickly locate and access key SERDP and ESTCP project and associated materials, and 2) the dashboard provides easy access to the entire portfolio of SERDP and ESTCP PFAS-related projects.


This project will benefit the DoD by building out a novel communication channel for SERDP and ESTCP to catalyze the diffusion of SERDP and ESTCP scientific knowledge to the user community in a convenient and informative manner. With this knowledge, DoD Remedial Project Managers, their consultants, and their regulators can make more reliable and more cost-effective decisions about remediation options at their sites. (Anticipated Project Completed – 2026)