The objective of this project is to demonstrate Lockheed Martin’s intelligent, durable, affordable, and safe (iDAS) Energy Storage System (ESS) capable of reducing facility energy costs and emissions while grid-tied and enabling grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) arrays to operate off-grid safely, securely, and cost effectively at a scale useful for the Department of Defense (DoD). The demonstration will validate the cost and performance advantages of the iDAS ESS when integrated with an existing 100kW PV array at Fort Bliss, Texas. Lockheed Martin will work closely with the Fort Bliss Directorate of Public Works with support from utility partner, PNM, to demonstrate autonomous prioritization of multiple functions including islanded operation, through the ESS, of the grid-tied PV asset, utility dispatch, and other economic functions such as peak shaving. This work builds on ESTCP project EW-201140.

Technology Description

The iDAS ESS leverages an inherently safe battery technology with long cycle life and low manufacturing costs, and integrates this with intelligent microgrid controls. This demonstration will incorporate the iDAS ESS into an existing microgrid with PV array and critical building loads at Fort Bliss. During islanded operations, the microgrid controls maximize the output of PV assets while supplementing the microgrid with power from the iDAS ESS in the event that the PV output is not available to meet the demand of the critical loads. When tied to the utility grid, the iDAS ESS enables users to lower energy costs and generate revenue through functions such as peak shaving, energy arbitrage, and providing ancillary services to the local utility.

Implementation Issues

The inherent safety of the iDAS system simplifies the system design and significantly reduces the risks associated with conventional energy storage technology at DoD installations. The demonstration results are expected to validate the cost and performance benefits of the iDAS, providing economic capabilities such as peak shaving, demand response, utility ancillary services, and energy arbitrage while improving a site’s energy security through improved utilization of installed renewable energy resources during grid independent operations. The combination of affordability and durability of the iDAS storage technology, with the multiple revenue streams available via intelligent controls, reduces life-cycle cost and enables this energy security asset to achieve savings to investment ratios (SIR) greater than 1.0 in many DoD locations both domestically and abroad. (Anticipated Project Completion - 2016)