Presented April 20, 2017- Presentation Slides


Secure Automated Microgrid Energy System" by Mr. Kevin Meagher

Microgrids and the promise of managed distributed generation have been at the center of virtually every global energy market forecast, significant trend or conference for over five years now. For the United States Armed Services and ESTCP members, microgrids have a significant additional role in supporting the collective war fighter mission by providing resiliency and the potential to impact energy cost in a budget tight environment. This webinar presented results from a demonstration project referred to as Secure Automated Microgrid Energy System (SAMES). The demonstration was supported by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest (NAVFAC-SW) and consisted of a cluster of microgrids at three Naval bases in San Diego (Naval Base Point Loma, Naval Base San Diego and Naval Base Coronado). The demonstration showed how the clustering technology and approach offers potential to improve energy security, reduce costs, and fully integrate renewable energy sources into base electrical infrastructures. The four key technology elements that were part of SAMES included: 1) a unique power network management and modeling platform, 2) an energy optimization platform, 3) a scalable time series data management system, and 4) a cyber-secure architecture. The core concepts and ideas behind SAMES are more relevant today than in 2013. The ability to economically and technically navigate a secure energy strategy was the focus of this presentation.

"Market Aware High Performance Buildings Participating in Fast Load Response Utility Programs with a Single Open Standard Methodology" by Mr. James S. Boch

The DoD has not been able to enjoy the benefits from the tsunami of load modifying automated demand response (IoT) devices due to security concerns. This project was designed to pave the way for DoD facilities to participate in automated demand response, and to provide an implementation roadmap for IoT devices to become accredited to operate on DoD networks. This project will provide the DoD facilities with an accredited gateway to participate in automated demand response and will provide guidelines and insights to other technology providers on how to get their devices accredited and obtain the coveted ATO. It will also provide a reference guide for the value in participating in various demand response programs across the USA.


Speaker Biographies

 Mr. Kevin Meagher is President of Power Analytics, a company that is focused on three fundamental pillars of the future of distributed generation, microgrids and data centers: (1) design and operation (2) secure communications and (3) advanced optimization and control. Prior to becoming President, Mr. Meagher served as Chief Technology Officer. Under his guidance, Power Analytics introduced industry-leading capabilities for energy management and pattern recognition and transitioned the Paladin technology to a commercially viable platform, which today includes the current generation of Paladin DesignBase™ electrical design software, Paladin Live™ mission critical management software, and the micro grid controller. He is the author and creator of the Power Analytics™ Energy Alignment Process and has more than 15 patents in analytical processes. He has authored numerous papers on power, energy, and high availability architectures and over the past 25 years has led development organizations and provided strategic planning for companies including Eaton, Invensys, Computer Associates and IBM. Mr. Meagher was previously named as one of Green Tech Media’s top 100 people to know in Smart Grid. He has undergraduate degrees in biochemistry and business and an Masters of Business Administration from the University of Colorado.

Mr. James S. Boch is a Chief Engineer at IPKeys with 30 years of industry experience with Fortune 500 companies. He has experience in the electrical power distribution, lighting and information technology sectors. He has assumed progressively greater responsibilities from project engineer to national product sector manager. Mr. Boch has written standards for Underwriters Laboratories. He has performed engineering analysis of low and medium voltage power distribution systems. He has managed Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) projects for Philips Electronics and performed system engineering for the Joint Command and Control System for the Department of Defense. Most recently, Mr. Boch leads the IPKeys EISS® product development team of demand response and energy efficiency control systems based on OpenADR 2.0b. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign with a specialty in communications and control systems.