In Situ Anaerobic Biodegradation (ISAB) technologies are currently being implemented at many commercial and military sites to stimulate anaerobic bioremediation of contaminants in groundwater. At some sites, ISAB is highly successful and can result in substantial reductions in contaminant concentration and mass, but at many sites, poor delivery of the chemical reagent or amendment can stifle the effectiveness of ISAB.

The Emulsion Design Tool Kit is a spreadsheet-based tool intended to aid users in designing effective, reasonably efficient systems for distributing emulsified oil as an amendment, or substrate, to promote bioremediation. The design tool accomplishes this objective by using site data and injection costs to select appropriate substrate quantities and injection well spacing. The model then uses this information to evaluate the costs of various designs using different well spacing. Results of the complete analysis are given in terms of total fixed cost, dollars per injection point, injection rate, and injection costs per day. Graphical representations of the effect of well spacing on project costs are also generated.

The Emulsion Design Tool Kit includes an overview presentation to aid users in effectively implementing the spreadsheet-based tool. The User’s Guide provides explicit details on how to calculate the necessary data and contains a discussion on the effects of different design parameters on contact efficiency. A tutorial with sample site characteristics is also included as an appendix to the User’s Guide.