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SERDP and ESTCP have launched a webinar series to promote the transfer of innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions developed through projects funded in five program areas. The webinar series targets Department of Defense and Department of Energy practitioners, the regulatory community and environmental researchers with the goal of providing cutting edge and practical information that is easily accessible at no cost.

Presented February 19, 2015 - Webinar Slides

Webinar Topics

Concentrating Photo-Voltaic System for Department of Defense Rooftop Installations by Ms. Deborah Jelen

The primary objective of this project was to demonstrate Suncore Photovoltaics’ high-performance and high-efficiency CPV solar panels through the installation and operation of both the Suncore 25kW SE-500X system and Suncore 25kW Soliant 1000 system at the Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS), China Lake, CA. The objective of the demonstration project was to help quantify the operational and cost benefits of the CPV technology for future application with Department of Defense (DoD) customers.

Specific to NAWS China Lake, this DoD facility is currently using other traditional flat solar panels installed which can be used for comparative performance and economic analysis. In early 2012, NAWS China Lake also installed a new 118 acre solar farm adding 13.78 megawatts of solar photovoltaic power. This installation is considered the largest in the Navy and shows tangible progress toward national energy independence and reaching the Department of the Navy's energy goals.

Electricore conducted a 15-month demonstration of a 50 kW system. The installation was performed over two phases allowing for one full year of seasonal data collection on both systems. The Suncore 25kW SE-500X system was demonstrated for the full 15 months, and the Suncore 25kW Soliant 1000 system was demonstrated for 12 months. Key performance objectives include Annual Energy Production, GHG Emissions, System Availability, and Levelized Cost of Electricity. A summary of demonstration objectives and results will be discussed during this webinar. 

Solar Air Heating Metal Roofing for Reroofing, New Construction and Retrofit by  Mr. John Archibald

To reduce DoD’s annual heating energy and roofing costs, American Solar installed a solar air heating metal roof on the Fitness Center at Fort Meade, MD. Solar heated air is collected from below the metal roof and used to provide ventilation preheating of outdoor air, direct space heating and domestic water preheating.

The long life metal roof reduces the cost of roofing compared to continued repair and replacement of the existing asphalt roof. Testing showed that the dark metal roof reduced the building and hot water loads. In addition, the tests showed that the summer cooling load was reduced compared to the white asphalt roof due to the construction of the insulated solar air space. “First of a kind” models of the solar heating capacity based on weather and solar conditions were created.

This presentation will discuss the technical and economic benefits documented throughout the study period. 

Speaker Biographies

Deborah Jelen

Ms. Deborah Jelen has over thirty years of management and engineering experience with major companies including Electricore, Inc., AeroVironment, Olin Aerospace, Rocket Research Company and Hughes Aircraft Company. Her background includes leadership roles in the development and manufacture of electric and hybrid vehicles, unmanned air vehicles, solid rocket systems, infra-red detection products and a broad array of associated electronics.

Ms. Jelen holds a M.S., Systems Management from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA and a B.S., Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

John Archibald

Mr. John Archibald is the President of American Solar, Inc., a 15-year old company that produces solar heating systems. He specializes in designing and creating cost-effective solar thermal projects. He has extensive experience in solar energy system analysis, design, construction and operation. He has produced and deployed over 60 solar air heating systems, including the four largest solar air heating roofs in North America.

Mr. Archibald has over 35 years of experience in the private sector and in headquarters energy management positions in the Departments of Defense and Energy. Mr. Archibald was formerly Director of the U.S. Government's Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP).