Given the tremendous economic and population growth taking place in the southeastern United States—along with the fact that many DoD installations are located in this region—the Southeast represents a major challenge and opportunity for sustainability planning. Jointly sponsored by OSD’s Sustainable Ranges Initiative and SERDP, this workshop brought together academics along with the military and other key stakeholders to advance collaborative land use and sustainability approaches in the southeastern United States. The objectives were to (1)identify high-priority issues of shared concern among these stakeholders related to sustaining military training land, regional planning, and compatible land use and (2) explore collaborative approaches that engage the academic and research community and build on existing efforts to help address these high-priority issues. Social, environmental, and economic issues associated with land uses—built environment, military, agricultural, forest, and land corridors—were explored. Workshop presentations, synopses of breakout group discussions, background papers prepared for the workshop, and a Final Report summarizing recommendations for future research, policy, local and regional coordination, and information sharing are available online.