The 6th Workshop on Sustainable Surface Engineering for Aerospace and Defense was held December 6-8, 2016. A total of 90 organizations were represented, which included US Department of Defense Components, other Federal entities and both foreign and domestic private-sector partners. Globally, human health and environmental risk mitigation efforts are affecting the use of chromates, cadmium, and other chemicals in aerospace and defense surface treatments. As a result, there is a need for environmentally benign alternatives that meet or exceed performance requirements of current materials. This workshop addressed all aspects of alternative coatings and surface treatments, with special emphasis on performance, service data, approvals and implementation of clean coatings. The following presentation and technical posters are now available. For specific questions, please contact the presenter and for general questions about the workshop,

For the full workshop report, briefings, and posters visit ASETSDefense 2016 Agenda and Poster Presentation page.