There are two major goals that must be reached for munition mobility:

The first is to combine munition properties (density, physical configuration) with water column dynamic behavior (wind, storm generated wave action), seafloor properties (content: sand, silt, rock, cobble) and its behavior under the water column dynamics into a physically correct model that predicts the motion behavior of the munition.

The second is to “translate” that model into a useful tool for site managers and regulators to use it correctly with information they can and do routinely have available.


The seafloor has a major role in munition mobility due to its density relative to the munition, its density variability as a function of depth, and in its detailed physical composition. Learn More...

Water Column

Water column activity can be divided into steady state currents (oceanic or riverine) and surface wave action due to local winds. Extremes are violent storms (e.g., hurricanes). Learn More...