SERDP and ESTCP are excited to announce the new public website! All information from the old website is still here, plus a few new features that should help users discover more about their research topics of interest.

Focus Areas

All SERDP and ESTCP efforts are organized into the following Focus Areas that reflect the current scope of research and demonstration initiatives: Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances & Aqueous Film-Forming Foam, Installation Resilience, Corrosion & Repair Technologies, Installation Restoration, Munitions Response, Sustainable Energetics, and Emissions & Waste Reduction. There are sub-topic pages beneath each Focus Area that delve deeper into specific research areas.

Each of these pages displays SERDP and ESTCP project overviews, tools and trainings, and calls for proposals related to the research topic. If you’d like to conduct a site-wide search for a project, navigate to All Projects under Focus Areas. This page displays all SERDP and ESTCP projects, where you can search and filter by various terms.

Like the former website, project overview pages contain a summary of the project as well as any project reports and deliverables.

Project Listing

Search for a SERDP or ESTCP project by its title, project number, principal investigator, or lead organization. You can also filter by focus area and project initiation year. 

Tools and Training

To promote the implementation of innovative technologies, SERDP and ESTCP projects have developed a variety of tools and training materials. Search tools by program, Focus Area and tool type. All archived webinar recordings are also located here.


The schedule of upcoming webinars is listed here. Find more information about the topic, speakers and registration. The “Past Webinars” button will take you to all archived recordings of webinars in the Tools and Training section.

Working With Us

This section provides detailed information about who can respond to SERDP and ESTCP solicitations. Any open solicitations will appear here, as well as recently closed solicitations. The Past Calls for Proposals page provides a list of all calls for proposals from the past five years. The projects that were funded under each proposal are also included on each past call for proposal page.

The Funding Process page and FAQs page provide more information to new users applying for SERDP and ESTCP funding. The Report Templates and Guidance is also an important resource for potential, new and current Principal Investigators who need access to templates and guidance for required proposal materials and project reports.

News, Blogs, Events, and Mailing List

All SERDP and ESTCP news, blogs and event information can be found using this navigation menu. To receive updates about solicitations, the webinar series, events, and general program updates, sign up for the mailing list.